Welcome to Turquoise Owl, a space to promote balance and a more holistic perspective, a place for ancient ways of seeing and modern ways of healing.

Counselling is a mainstream talking therapy that helps to resolve psychological and emotional issues.  Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, also known simply as ‘tapping’, combines the benefits of counselling with a tapping technique, which is remarkably effective but gentle.  Likewise Matrix Reimprinting is a newly expanded way of working with EFT that is reminiscent of the soul retrieval techniques performed in Shamanic Healing.

Shamanic practice might at first seem esoteric and far-fetched, but is in fact a wealth of imagery and ritual that is still effective and relevant to our modern thinking and ways of living.  Because its roots are so universal and primordial, it speaks strongly to our subconscious minds, and yet is practical and down to earth.  The aim is to find greater harmony and meaning, and this is the route to personal development and healing.  What benefits the individual ultimately helps us all.